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RC-4DD Relay Control Module

Variable Speed Control Unit

The RC-4DD is a general purpose relay module containing four relays that can be controlled by the Vesta controller. This module works with all Vesta controller models.

Each relay has double pole / double throw (DPDT) contacts rated for 8A at 250V, allowing control of high voltage devices such as pumps, valves, blowers and larger relays.

Vesta Connection

This module connects to a set of four Vesta discrete outputs using an eight conductor CAT5 cable. A blue cable is suggested to match Vesta color codes. Blue cables can be purchased on our cable and connector page.

Wiring Connectors

All contacts are brought out to screw terminals. The screw terminals can accommodate up to 14ga wire.


Approximate Dimensions 5.75" x 4.5" x 2.25"
Relays 4
Contact Configuration (Each Relay) DPDT (double pole / double throw)
Relay Contact Rating 8A at 250Vac, 8A at 30Vdc
Suggested Current Limit 5A momentary, 3A continuous
Vesta Connection 8 conductor RJ45 cable (blue suggested)

RC-4DD-LEDRC-4DD Relay Control Model with Status LEDs$120.00
RC-4DD-STDRC-4DD Relay Control Module$105.00