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Vesta Controllers

The Vesta System Controller is the heart and brains of the Vesta system. There are currently three controllers in the Vesta product family. They are all based on the same software, and all standard sensors and accessories work with any model. All Vesta models are ready to run right out of the box. See the comparison chart below for details on the differences between models.

Vesta Classic

Vesta Classic System Controller

The Classic is a great value, offering more channels at a lower price than our other models. With support for multiple types of temperature sensors, humidity sensors, current sensors, and relay modules it can handle a wide range of applications. The Classic is featured in some of our best case studies.

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VSCU-4Vesta Classic System Controller$1075.00
INST-4Insteon Option for Vesta Classic System Controller$150.00
Vesta Vantage

Vesta Vantage System Controller

The Vantage controller is a compact solution ideal for smaller applications. It offers wireless sensor support and optional Wi-Fi networking.

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VSCU-5Vesta Vantage System Controller$1275.00
WIFI-5Wi-Fi Option for Vesta Vantage Stystem Controller$100.00
INST-5Insteon Option for Vesta Vantage System Controller$150.00
Vesta Vantage

Vesta Pro System Controller

With the most I/O of any model, the Vesta Pro controller is designed for commercial/industrial applications. It offers Modbus, wireless sensor support and optional Wi-Fi networking. Like all of our Vesta models, it's ready to plug in and run right out of the box.

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VSCU-6Vesta Pro System Controller$2450.00
INST-6Insteon Option for Vesta Pro System Controller$150.00
WIFI-6Wi-Fi Option for Vesta Pro System Controller$100.00

The chart below compares specifications and features of the different Vesta controllers. All versions have the same core software capabilities:

  • Monitoring
  • Web-based user interface
  • Charting
  • Datalogging
  • Simple rule-based control
  • Support for custom 'live' graphical interfaces

The Classic is our original Series I controller. It offers plentiful I/O capacity at a very reasonable cost, but does not support wireless or 1-wire sensors.

The Vantage and Pro models are our new Series II products. A more powerful processor and custom designed electronics allow additional capabilities:

  • Support for a broad range of wireless sensors
  • Sophisticated fault detection and reporting
  • Support for 1-Wire sensors
  • Improved software update process

The Vantage controller offers a more compact package with many of the capabilities of the Pro, but with fewer channels and at a lower cost.

The Pro model provides all the I/O of the Classic, with all of the new Series II features. It also has Modbus support, a bigger power supply, higher sensor resolution, and twice the 1-Wire and pulse channels of the Vantage.

Classic Vantage Pro
Sensor Channels 16 8 16
Analog Outputs 4 2 4
Discrete Inputs 32 16 32
Discrete Outputs 32 16 32
Open Source Software Yes Yes Yes
1-Wire Master No 1 Channel 2 Channels
Wireless Sensor Support No Yes Yes
Pulse Count Channels No 2 4
Modbus No No Yes
Insteon Support Optional Optional Optional
Wi-Fi No Optional Optional
Power Supply 2A 2A 4A
Approx. Dimensions 8.5 x 9 x 4.5 9 x 6 x 1.5 9 x 6 x 2
Retail Price $1075.00 $1275.00 $2450.00
Differential Sensor Inputs No Yes Yes
Sensor Resolution 12 Bit 16 Bit 24 Bit
Discrete Output Type 12VDC/200ma 12VDC/200ma 12VDC/200ma
4-20ma Inputs No Yes Yes
Kernel Version 2.4 4.1 4.1
Sensor Input Voltage Range 0-2.5V 0-5V 0-5V