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URL Widget

Screenshot of a url widget screenshot of the code to create a url widget URL widget in the menu bar

The URL widget is a passive widget that opens a link to a specified webpage when clicked. A URL widget can be either a rectangle with a text label or a specified image. If the URL widget is a rectangle, you can specify its background color, width, and height.

URLs are shown as rectangles by default, but you can set an image for a URL within the widget popup or the widget text file.

In addition to the five required parameters, a URL widget has ten optional parameters:

Parameter Value in Example Description If Not Present Default
Height 15 Height if a rectangle Fit to label text 20
Width 40 Width if a rectangle Fit to label text 40
Color lightgreen Background color if a rectangle Transparent Lightblue
Image URL of image if an image Displays as rectangle ""
URL /public/gaugepanel.htmlDestination of the link Current page ""
Target gwindow Target window for link to open in No effect gwindow
Label Position w Label position Top w
Label Text HOME Label text No label URL
Popup Width 1100 Width of popup window link opens in As small as possible 1000
Popup Height 650 Height of popup window link opens in As small as possible 500