Vermont Energy Control Systems

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The Vesta automatically creates and updates two Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). One is a read-only version (it doesn't provide the ability to change the value of any data element). It's essentially a status display. The second is a control panel - it allows the user to change the value of any variable or hardware output. The control version is of course password protected - the username is 'vesta', and the password is on the configuration sheet that comes with your system.

The control page is an excellent tool for testing during initial setup. Before there are any rules, you can turn any output on and off simply by clicking on it.

Clicking on the GUI tab toggles between the two. The control version displays discrete outputs (and state variables) as round buttons rather than square boxes. Analog outputs and standard variables are shown as text input fields. This is what the read-only status display version looks like:

A screenshot of the Vesta GUI Tab