Vermont Energy Control Systems

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Elements & Rules Tab

This is the primary working tab for configuring the Vesta. This tab provides the following functions:

  • Continuous live update of status and values
  • The ability to rename I/O channels
  • Creation and deletion of rules and variables
  • Reordering of data elements and rules
  • Setting values for variables and outputs
  • Monitoring and interaction with the system

The display of rule status as well as data element values, status, and ownership is the same as on the home page.

A screenshot of the Elements & Rules tab of the Vesta Homepage

Figure 7.1: Elements & Rules Tab

This screenshot shows the sample rule set that's configured on new Vesta systems by default. In this example, there's quite a bit going on. Walking through the page, we can see the following:

  1. There's a sensor input named 'Room Temp'. The 'H' to the left of the name tells us that the 'Hardware I/O' process is providing values for it. The green border around the value tells us that it's currently valid.
  2. There's an analog output named 'Analog Output 1' with a value of 0.0. The '-' to the left tells us that there isn't any process setting its value.
  3. The illuminated green rectangle next to the discrete input 'User Switch Right' tells us that the user-definable switch on the front cover is in the rightmost position.
  4. We can see that all four LEDs are controlled by the Rule Engine ('R').
  5. The illuminated blue rectangle next to discrete output 'LED 3' tells us that front panel LED 3 is on. Of course, if we're within sight of the Vesta, we probably know that anyway.
  6. No process is setting the values of the two state variables, so they can be set by the user - simply clicking on the blue rectangles will toggle them.
  7. The user has clicked on the 'LED Enable' state variable button at some point in the past, so that's 'true'.
  8. The user's cursor is currently hovering over the name of the 'LED Enable' state variable, so that variable name and all references to it are highlighted. It's easy to see that it's referenced in four rules.
  9. Finally, the green dot to the left of the third LED rule tells us that that rule is 'active'. This makes sense, since both 'User Switch Right' and 'LED Enable' are true as we saw above.

On this page, any data element can be renamed by simply typing a new name. Elements and rules can be deleted by clicking the red X next to them, and they can be reordered by clicking the green up or down arrows. Rules can be edited by clicking the pencil next to a rule.

Variables and state variables can be created using the 'Create' forms in each section.

All instances of a data element can be highlighted by hovering over any instance of the element name. The highlight can be locked and unlocked by clicking on any instance of an element name.