Vermont Energy Control Systems

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Web Interface

In almost all cases, configuration and interaction with the Vesta controller is through a web interface. The Vesta controller has a built-in web server which provides access to the system.

A screenshot of the web interface showing the home tab

Figure 4.1: Web Interface Showing Home Tab

This web interface has six tabs:

  1. Home: A passive display (you can't change anything) that shows current values and system status. No password is required.
  2. Configure I/O: This is where you configure the Vesta's sensors and other inputs and outputs.
  3. Elements & Rules: Primary system interaction tab. Create, rename, and edit rules and variables. Set values and monitor behavior.
  4. Charts: Interactive charts for reviewing logged data.
  5. Logs: Download system logfiles and logged data for any day.
  6. Settings: System settings, software update, backup & restore.

Each tab will be described in this manual.