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Common Sensors and Accessories

These are the most commonly used sensors and related accessories. All of these devices work with any Vesta controller.

Temperature Sensor

TS-1058-25 Temperature Sensor

The TS-1058-25 is the standard temperature sensor for the Vesta system. It can measure temperatures from -20°F to 212°F. Standard cable length is 25'. Custom lengths available on request at a nominal surcharge.

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TS-1058-25TS-1058-25 Temperature Sensor$25.00
Thermocouple Amplifier

TCA-1126 Thermocouple Amplifier

The TCA-1126 allows a Type K thermocouple to be connected to the Vesta, providing temperature measurement from 32°F to 2500°F (0°C to 1300°C).

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TCA-1126TCA-1126 Thermocouple Amplifier$50.00
Humidity Sensor

HS-1146 Humidity Sensor

The HS-1146 is the standard humidity sensor for the Vesta Controller. It covers the range of humidity found in residential and commercial settings.

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HS-1146HS-1146 Humidity Sensor$60.00
Thermistor Interface

TS-1061 Thermistor Interface

The TS-1061 supports thermistor-type temperature sensors. It can be ordered with our standard sensor, or can be configured to work with most commercially available thermistor sensors.

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TS-1061TS-1061 Thermistor Interface$25.00
Sensor Breakout Box

SB-1222 Sensor Breakout Box

The Sensor Breakout Box can reduce the number of long sensor cables required when multiple sensors are used in a remote location. Up to four sensors can be connected to the SB-1222.

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SB-1222SB-1222 Sensor Breakout Box$35.00
Discrete I/O Breakout Box

DB-1195 Discrete Input / Output Breakout Boxes

These breakout boxes provide a simple way to make connections to system discrete inputs and outputs. Each breakout box provides connection for four discrete inputs or outputs via standard Ethernet-style cables. The DB-1195-IN is for discrete inputs, and the DB-1195-OUT is for discrete outputs.

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DB-1195-INDB-1195-IN Discrete Input Break Box$25.00
DB-1195-OUTDB-1195-OUT Discrete Output Break Box$25.00