Vermont Energy Control Systems

Practical monitoring and control for the real world


Vermont Energy Control Systems produces the Vesta family of controllers, sensors, and related equipment. This open-source platform gives you the tools to get the most out of your system. Applications range from complex heating systems to thermal management to greenhouses to humidity monitoring and control.

Our goal is to help you get the most out of your system - new or old, simple or complex. Our Open Source solution puts you in control:

  • Monitor temperature, pressure, electrical current, humidity and more - quickly, easily, and accurately from anywhere. See what's happening at any time.
  • Log your data - every input, every output, every minute. Up to 12 months of data can be logged internally. Data can also be logged to a remote database if desired.
  • Control your environment. Perform direct control of relays, lights, pumps, and fans using simple rules.
  • Analyze system performance. See and understand system behavior.
A picture of the Vesta Vantage

Vesta is the solution

The Vesta can provide direct control of almost any device from standard Taco, Grundfos, and Honeywell circulators and zone valves to industrial controls. It performs all the functions of a zone controller, differential controller, outdoor reset controller, and setpoint controller in a single device. Unlike the individual stand-alone devices that it replaces, all functions work seamlessly together. Every input, output, and control action is logged to support analysis and fine-tuning.

A picture of the Vesta Pro

Typical Applications

  • Multi-source heating systems with wood gasification boilers and heat storage.
  • Integration of solar hot water with storage and backup heat sources.
  • Industrial controls.
  • Multi-room heat and air conditioning setback.
  • Complex heat pump systems.
A picture of the Vesta Classic


New Custom GUI Tools

It's now easier than ever to make your own custom GUI to display Vesta data! Our new tools make it simple to create, edit, and delete widgets to customize your GUI.

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VECS Testifies at the Digital Commerce & Consumer Protection Subcommittee hearing in DC on Internet Regulation, Innovation, & Security

Vermont Energy Control System’s (VECS) co-founder Bill Kuhn testified last week before the Digital Commerce & Consumer Protection Subcommitte hearing in Washington, DC, at the annual Internet of Things (IoT) Showcase Event.

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High-Humidity Monitoring

Vermont Energy Control Systems is working to provide a new humidity sensor developed at the University of Vermont, optimal for high-humidity environments where conventional sensors will fail. Applications include the processing and aging of specialty foods and long-term storage of root vegetables and other crops requiring high humidity.

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New Case Study: Consolidated Dashboard

This case study describes the use of a Vesta controller to collect and display live data from a wide variety of other systems. This case study falls at the ‘very complicated’ end of the spectrum, but it shows the power of the open source tools provided with the Vesta controllers.

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Smart House

Really Smart House

Get the tools to make a truly smart house.

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Data Chart

Analyze and Understand

Vesta provides powerful tools to analyze past performance and events. See and understand every detail.

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Monitor Data


Monitor almost any aspect of your system or building - temperature, humidity, current - from anywhere.

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Low Power

Save Energy

Our Vesta system helps you save energy, and it uses almost nothing to power itself. Less power than a typical computer. Much less.

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Web Interface

Simple Web Interface

Simple yet sophisticated web interface provides complete access and control from anywhere.

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Control Anything

Control Almost Anything

The Vesta's Open Source design allows control of a wide range of devices and systems.

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Log Data

Knowledge = Power

Vesta logs every input, every variable, and every output - every minute, all year long.

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Simple Rules

Simple Rules

Create simple rules. Programmers not required.

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