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Text Widget

Screenshot of a text widget screenshot of the code to create a text widget text widget in the menu bar

The text widget is a passive widget. It displays a numeric value with one decimal place. It provides a choice of border style and color as well as up to three background colors. A label can be specified. If present, it will be scaled to approximately the same text height as the numeric value, and positioned to the left of the text widget.

By default, the text widget's border color is not set, and the color is determined by whether or not the text widget is successfully receiving data; the border is green when the data is being received correctly and red if not. You can override this feature by setting a border color for the text widget.

In addition to the five required parameters, a text widget has eight optional parameters:

Parameter Value in Example Description If Not Present Default
Color 1 lightgrey First color. Background color if additional colors are not specified Transparent Yellow
Border Style solid Can be any CSS border style, except 'Inset', which has special meaning for the 'Set' widgetNo border Solid
Border Color black Border color Black None
Color Boundary 1 5 Boundary value between displaying color 1 and color 2 Use color 1 33
Color 2 yellow Second color Use color 1 Green
Color Boundary 2 10 Boundary value between displaying color 2 and color 3. Use color 1 (or 2 if present) 66
Color 3 green Third color Use color 1 (or 2 if present) Red
Label Text Tricolor Label text to be displayed to left of widget No label Text